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MPOS + UMS Cashier UMS Cashier APPS is a financial payment application, UMS Cashier APPS for Hong Kong and Macao businesses to provide convenient mobile payment function, to solve the business for non-cash receipts inconvenience. Features
UMS Cashier is a mobile payment product launched by CUP Business Limited, which is a provider of mobile payment needs in Hong Kong and Macao. It can provide collection, payment, convenience service and other value-added services. For businesses with non-cash receipt requirements, install "UMS Cashier" APPS, with smartphone or tablet, plus MPOS terminal, you can use convenience services and other value-added services.
Sales Benefits


Product advantages
Merchants can receive IC card payments via UMS Cashier and MPOS
Merchants can make payments via UMS Cashier and MPOS
Merchants can use UMS Cashier and MPOS for mobile phone recharge, transfer and other convenience services
Each transaction can be electronically signed on a smartphone or tablet, and the cardholder can receive the electronic sign
Merchants can check the date of receipt of the history of payment details, business day payment and historical payment details, convenient service transactions through the management center. Through the handheld network service query traditional POS transactions, conduct M-POS management and business management.
UMS Cashier and M-POS connect to business smartphones or tablets via Bluetooth; UMS Cashier and M-POS is designed and manufactured to meet the safety of each transaction in accordance with traditional POS standard.
Product Advantages